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April’s Fool

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         April’s Fool


At the door, on his way out,

Pressing me close to his heart,

Robert whispered in my ear:

I have something for you dear.”


Led into high hopes, I gasped.

For real? What is it?” I asked.

“Oh! A load of dirty clothes;

Old shirts to mend, and soiled socks.”


Laundry?” deflated, I huffed.

April’s Fool!” he said and laughed.


Mary Terzian



Author: Mary Terzian

Born and brought up in Egypt I learned English in a local high school run by Irish nuns. Along the deep faith they imparted to me one invigorating phrase remained etched in memory for a lifetime "I can and I will." It was my password through personal battles, hair-raising circumstances, or hopeless situations. Occasionally, when the going was rough the quiet pussycat in me flared up to a tigress to defend my stance. I finally realized my lifetime dream to become a full-time writer. Since authoring two books and several articles online I have reverted to my youthful enthusiasm despite advancing age. My advice to youth is borrowed from E. Roosevelt: "The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams."


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