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PlaceholderTern the Admin – Writers’ Club of Whittier
Announcements of publications, club-sponsored events and other news for our readers.
SherryBSnippets – Putting the Barb in Barber – Sherry Barber Why is it…? Did you ever wonder…? Andy Rooney aside, there are thoughts bumping around in my head that I need to write down so I quit lugging them around during the day. It’s great not being interrupted.
photo (1)Blogging Tiger: Hear Me Roar – Hong-My Basrai
I write about life, family, the writer’s crafts and cranks, poetry and reviews of operas, books, places, and movies.
Me Miscellanea Cindy Cotter
In a long-ago job interview I was asked where I’d like to be in ten years. At home writing a novel, I replied, honestly but unwisely. Sometimes wishes come true.
Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.07.25 PMThe Snark’s Bite – K.J. Davis
Examining bents of mundane occurrences where, between the rhyme and cynic, mundane becomes bearable.
Where does this show up? Forces that Shape our Lives – Ester Elliott
Tracking down my first impressions to discover how they formed my world.
4973_1184632698911_6142126_nWhimsy and Wonder Matter – Steve Enyart
Novelist. Iconoclast. Advocate for Justice, Orphans, Poverty Aid, Hunger Relief, ESL Tutoring, and Human Trafficking Victims.
kipanga-blueWelcome to Mayberry – R. Johnson
Blog posts about technology, writing, storytelling, and stories, especially those set in an idyllic SoCal town that shows the future’s promise more than its pitfalls.
StevePoetic Juncture – Claire Koehler
Poetry and essays on writing and teaching.  I write all types of poetry, but have a soft spot for rhyme and meter.  Some of my favorite poets are Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and Samuel Daniel.
MjchelleTales From the City of Angels – Michelle Majors
Some tales are memories, so they’re true as far as I remember.  Some may make you laugh, some may make you cry and some may have you scratching your head.

The Unfolding of Wings – Sherry Novak
With the unfolding of wings comes the soaring of spirit. Raptors, dragons, dragonflies, dancers, avisapiens, hummingbirds and dreams. I am captivated by anything that takes flight.
FranWandering Life’s  Paths – Fran Syverson
Through the magic of words, we may find that our wanderings are shared experiences. Come wander with me and we’ll see where our life’s paths may have crossed or merged, albeit at different times and places.  (Fran Syverson’s book, Inner Views, is available on Amazon.)

Mary TerzianMuser/Amuser – Mary Terzian
Slice of life, articles, reflections, news and views from the writing world…

Inspirational – Naomi Voorhees
I write fiction and non-fiction. My purpose for writing is to inspire and encourage with word pictures of home and family life.


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