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About WCW

The Writers’ Club of Whittier helps serious writers unlock the doors to publication through active participation in workshops using the club’s proven workshop methods.

Founded in 1953 by Susan Dibelka, the Writers’ Club of Whittier came about when Susan’s adult writing class at Whittier High School grew so large that there was never enough time to read all the manuscripts. Students voted to start a club for writers in the Whittier area.

Twenty-six charter members, all Susan’s former students, were soon joined by two professional writers. The Writers’ Club of Whittier now attracts members from Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties. More than 400 writers have furthered their careers by becoming WCW members.

By the time the club celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2003, 50 members had at least one book published, 17 had their plays produced, 6 had scripts aired on radio or viewed on stage or television, 16 were newspaper columnists or featured writers, and 27 were honored for their work by local, state, or national organizations. All agree that the exchange of ideas and the expertise shared by colleagues in workshops helped make the difference between their work being accepted or rejected.