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A shadow’s length
of grief stops by;
I welcome it
with suspicious eye.

It lingers not
though has great sway
Its purpose–
needs crying away.

It’s not a friend,
yet bears no malice;
it opens wounds
but is not callous.

I know it arrives
to unburden my heart,
its treatment takes time,
is sometimes harsh.

It flushes out pain,
then leaves in a breath;
my life is cleared
to take the next step.




Learning to Blog

Today’s workshop? Blogging. What did the eight of us discover? That there are more questions than we had answers for: How long should a blog be? How do I develop an online community? If I have published a piece in a magazine, can I put that piece on my new blog? How can I attract the most readers and is that what I really want? How many steps are there to Kalamazoo? Ok, maybe we can eliminate that last one, but really, this is typical, right? Learning takes time, so the more of us that delve into this whole blogging business, the more we can learn from each other.

Publishing is changing faster than any one person can keep up with unless she knows intimately the publishing industry and is youthful enough to have grown up with the new technology that is both inspiring and frustrating. Learning how to blog has two concerns: finding the right people who know it well enough to relay that information to us, and two, finding the time to learn it when all we really want to do is write.

How can we solve the problem? After we test out what we can discover about blogging (or even setting up a blog for that matter), we will come together again, discuss how we solved various problems (like how to use the dashboard, how to set up a theme and upload pictures), and who (or what) we have learned from. Links are sometimes helpful too, so we can add those in as needed.

What do we do until then? Start fresh and remember that being confused, lost, or frustrated is all part of the learning process. There is no shame in finding something new to be difficult at first. So my fellow writers, let’s face it: we must be patient and struggle if we must, but we must also ask for help when needed; In essence, we need to prepare to learn.

Ready, set, GO!