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A Winter’s Tale


pic1Once upon a time, I liked winter, but not this time. Then the snow fell and the reindeer galloped into the forest. From the sky the garlands and Christmas decorations unfurled and hung down, crossing the snow-covered, roofs to roofs.
Other than gifts I loved the smell of the tree and the reflection of the colored lights on the wall.

As I was looking out the window upon the tree-lined paths, I suddenly saw a glimpse of a red sleigh, landing near the end of the road. I had to get a closer look. I know many speak of Christmas miracles. Could it really be so?

There was always one tree out in the woods that was waiting to be willingly cut down and decorated for two little girls to enjoy! But Santa’s sleigh landed too close to the tree, knocked it over, and shredded it to pieces. The tree may have been wrecked, but it didn’t ruin our spirits. Our spirits were alive with the season and our precious friendships.
Alive until the betrayal as my supposed precious best friend told the others of how much I detested the sound of the harmonica which they all used for the caroling. Arghhh….

pic2My complain about the Christmas music got me on Santa’s “naughty” list. So it was that despite the auspicious start to the day, I ended up in the gray effluvium of Christmas day alone in my house—decorated and bright with lights, but quite empty except for
me and my beloved dog.

The prostitute took off her underwear and tossed them on the fire where they writhed and twisted like a mad man on the logs. At that exact moment Santa plopped down the chimney and rescued the prostitute’s thong. Santa deleted his “Ho-Ho- Ho” upon entering the room and addressed me directly. Pointing at the nearly naked lady, Santa said, “She at least tries to be nice. You are naughty, rude and cantankerous, for you there is only a lump of coal. For Esmeralda there is wine and fine chocolates.”

pic3Grabbing the chocolates and the red coat by the door, I ran out to the little children waiting for me. I shared my chocolates with them. We watched as Santa rose to the sky in his sleight.

But…to make a long story short, “And to all a good night!”


2 thoughts on “A Winter’s Tale

  1. Lots of fun. Wishing all our talented writers a wonderful Christmas and many blessings in the New Year. Kay Murdy


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