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Adding Twitter Followers


twitter-312464_1280As an experiment, I decided to try to boost the number of people following me on Twitter. I wanted to see how difficult that would be and what effect it would have.

It turns out to be tedious and time-consuming, but not really difficult. If you follow people, they’re likely to follow you back. If you follow lots of people, you end up with lots of followers. I boosted my followers from under 100 to over 1000 in about a month.

Whether there’s any value in having ten times as many followers is an open question.

My Klout score rose from 10 to 50, but, that just made me doubt the meaningfulness of Klout. After all, I wasn’t producing Tweets of stunning quality, or forging meaningful relationships with fellow tweeters. I was just following hordes of people whose tweets I didn’t have time to read. I suppose it’s possible that if I were looking for an agent right now I’d have a better chance of finding one with a Klout score of 53 than I would have with a score of 10, but isn’t that a little scary? It’s the equivalent of getting a job based on a phony degree from a diploma mill.

None of this means that Twitter is useless. I’m not done with that experiment yet. And it doesn’t mean that Klout scores are necessarily irrelevant either. So what does it mean? I suppose that you should approach the question of social media for writers with some thoughtfulness.

For those of you who just want to get your numbers up, here are some suggestions:

1) Look for Twitter follow buttons on websites you like.

2) Get on Twitter and put the names of people who interest you into the search box.

3) Find Lists and follow people on them. Google “Twitter lists for writers.” When you find someone interesting on Twitter, see whether they have any lists of interest to you. Like this one, maybe.

4) Try Tweepi. I’ve only used the free version, but it makes it easy to find new people to follow.


Twelve Ways to Get More Twitter Followers (and why you should try)

And when you start following new people, don’t forget to follow me!

2 thoughts on “Adding Twitter Followers

  1. I don’t see a reason to tweet unless you are in an event and want quick info/communication that centered around a hashtag. Let’s do it as an example at the next critique. #WCWCritique

  2. Lately I’ve used Twitter to get information about a fire whose smoke I could smell and to get a quick read on what other viewers thought of a couple of TV premieres. In the past I’ve followed publications that post links to their latest articles or posts. I also met (online) a very interesting woman who was going to be signing her books at a book fair by tweeting about the fair before it took place. I know a guy who complained about the noise a news helicopter was making, and the cameraman in the copter tweeted back an apology and an update on the event and then gained altitude to diminish the noise. Some people manage to socialize on Twitter, but I’m too verbose. 😉


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