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July & August’s Theme



Our blog theme will only continue for another week. Don’t let time rob you off that memorable vacation. Write it down and share it with your readers.


3 thoughts on “July & August’s Theme

  1. I knew nothing about Jessamyn West, but anyone who loves Thoreau is worth a second look, so I looked. I’m glad I did. She was local, went to my daughter’s high school and was a relative of Nixon. How funny that she attended Sunday school classes taught by his father, and the elder Nixon’s lectures inclined her toward socialism.

  2. I enjoyed the description of the cross country trek. Our family made the journey in a VW Bug, with two kids in the back and the camp kitchen packed in the front with our Coleman Oasis tent tied on top. We took hwy 1 up the coast and meandered through Oregon and Washington to route 50. This route paralleled the Canadian border all the way to Golden Lake Camp in Michegan. From there it was easy going to Churchville, NY. Our favorite song was, “So Long My Honey” sung in harmony for miles and miles.


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