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Dragonfly Summer

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Exclamation damsel, hyacinth glider, fiery-eyed dancer, each name a picture and a poem. Summer heat calls dragonflies and damselflies to life. Nymphs leave their water world to a reed or leaf. Exuvia left behind, newly emerged dragonflies transform into winged sky hunters.

Vermilion saddlebags, roseate skimmer, amethyst dancer, Odonata, “the toothed ones,” are brilliantly painted. Birds, butterflies, dragonflies, endless is Mother Nature’s imagination. Wings transparent or dabbed with brilliant splashes, delicate-looking, yet strong and flexible. All four work independently allowing for forward, backward, up or down flight.

Stygian shadowdragon, lyre-tipped spreadwing, ebony boghaunter, their names evoke mythical images of dragons and damsels, magic and the underworld. Dragonflies ancestors are far older. Fossils, with wingspans of up to 25 inches, are thought to date to around 300 million year ago.

Aurora damsel, filigree skimmer, sparkling jewelwing. I’m as fascinated with the names as the creatures themselves. As a photographer I appreciate the poetic touch in the title, showing the scientist’s admiration of nature’s artistry.

I say hummingbirds, tiny jewel-toned wonders, deserve their own haiku. Anna’s hummingbird might be renamed roseate-helmeted swordplayer and Allen’s changed to fiery-gorgeted nectarseeker.

Author: Sherry Novak

Sherry Novak's novel 'The Chick Sexer' will soon be released.


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