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Political Poem

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2014 feb 012To have a clear idea of who I am
And not be beaten into submission
Different, multidimensional, fluid and firm at the same time
to stand tall
to look squarely into the face of so-called authority
of whatever…
Religion, institution, clan, group, organization
And beg your pardon, but I’m not quite part of the agreement,
Despite what I’ll get as offer
The inclusion, approval, amicability, even love.

I’ll come and eat your body and drink your blood
If you will embrace me as I am
Belligerent, strong willed, proud, combative
It is my life you are talking about
the only time I get to experience
to touch the untouchable and taste the unholy
And if it is sinful to love too many and too much
To accept love as is
Nonconvertible, unacceptable
I sin. And not be sorry for being human
for letting my heart of flesh beat,
A second lost each beat
an eternity forsaken
for this, only this moment.

Author: Hong-My Basrai

Memoirist and author of Behind the Red Curtain, blogger, engineer, manager, mother of three and wife of one, etc. I am a bit of everything.

One thought on “Political Poem

  1. What a poem–rich with imagery that is emotionally charged. You have so much to offer your readers. Your ability to express yourself is truly amazing. I applaud you.


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