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Conversations Of A Married Couple Of (nearly) 20 Years— (let this be a warning to ya)….

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The hubby and I are sitting at the dining room table, eating dinner. In between us, there’s a small pile of mail. Hubby begins to push things around as he’s looking at the mail.

Hubby: (looking at cover of an entertainment magazine) Hey, that’s Patrick Swayze! Wait, isn’t he dead?

Me: (looks) No, that’s not Patrick Swayze. And yeah, he’s dead.

Hubby: No, this IS Patrick Swayze, right here!

Me: No, it’s NOT. That’s a promo for a new movie and plus He’s DEAD.

Hubby: Alright then, who is it?

Me: It’s Jeff Bridges.

Hubby: That’s not Jeff Bridges (picks up at looks at cover closely, where they printed the names of who is on the cover). Ahh, it’s Kurt Russell.

Me: (shrugs) Close enough.

Hubby: Wait…I thought Kurt Russell was dead?



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