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Someone Thinks He’s A Comedian (part of an ongoing series)

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So, I come home and the hubby is cooking a “healthy” chicken dish for dinner. He had asked me before I came home if I wanted rice as well. I told him I wanted white rice. But I mentioned to him that if all he had was brown rice, then I didn’t want any rice.

I go and see my plate just has the chicken, as requested. His plate has the chicken and brown rice. I start complaining that he could buy white rice too and make that.

Me: I want white rice, why can’t you get me white rice and you brown rice?

Hubby: No, you don’t need white rice. You’re already having a soda with your dinner. You need to eat healthy.

Me: Noooooo, I want white rice. I want to enjoy what I’m eating. Besides, I’m probably gonna die young anyway.

Hubby: (long pause) You’re WAY past that.

<cough> apparently someone has a death wish. Or thinks he’s a comedian.



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