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An old friend of mine’s dealing with a number of health issues.

The other day he told his doctor he just felt blessed to still be breathing.

His doctor nodded.

Then said to him, “It’s sometimes important to put things in perspective.  If you think about it, none of us are going to get out of this alive anyway.”

My friend replied his point was valid, but he had just hoped to be in the latest group possible to leave.



Author: Steve Enyart

Novelist. Follower of Jesus. Advocate for Orphans, Sex Trafficking Victims, Poverty Aid, Hunger Relief, and iconoclastic views of the traditional organized church.

2 thoughts on “More on Point of View

  1. Hope your friend is well and that he finds the motivation and stamina to keep on with his life.

  2. We all wish we could rewrite stories like this, and give him many more sequels. For the present time, I wish him well. What a perspective shift you gave us, Steve!


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