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Do-gooders and Alligators


Say NO to do-gooders and alligators.


Do-gooders are a dime a dozen.

Like weekend warriors, part-time virgins, lukewarm Christians. They have yet to solve the problem, finish the job.

Now Do-Enders, these critters are an entirely different situation.

They burn bridges, slash their life lines, jump into the alligators, damn the torpedoes, and march into battle with hands raised in praise to God.

And God moves! He stones Goliaths. Slays Philistines. Raises the dead.

Do-gooders slap paint on old barns for a nice look. Do-Enders tear the damn things down and build castles.

If we had a few more Do-Enders maybe we could end world hunger, end child sex trafficking, and end a few other crocodilians.

Choose your life wisely. It’s never too late to be what you could have been.


Author: Steve Enyart

Novelist. Follower of Jesus. Advocate for Orphans, Sex Trafficking Victims, Poverty Aid, Hunger Relief, and iconoclastic views of the traditional organized church.

4 thoughts on “Do-gooders and Alligators

  1. OK, I’m inspired!

  2. Your content is thought-provoking and your style keeps me reading.


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