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Tellin’ It Like It Is

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I’m at an event for a famous photographer, Phil Stern. It’s quite a nice celebration of a man’s life work. Mr. Stern has decided to donate 95 photographs out of his photography collection to the Veterans Home of California in West Los Angeles.

I’m admiring his work, and taking some photos of my own with my Nikon. A number of times I’m asked if I’m with the press, Mr. Stern or some other photography organization. My usual response is “No, I’m not with anyone” or “I’m nobody, I’m just enjoying the event.” A few times when I say “I’m nobody,” the person responds “Oh, of course you’re SOMEBODY.”

However, the last time I use the line “I’m nobody, ” the well dressed and coiffed lady pats me on the back and says “Oh dear, you’re not NOBODY. You’re somebody, you’re just not somebody important.”

[Note: a few months after I had the opportunity to meet the incredible Mr. Stern at the above event, he passed away.  If you’re interested in learning more about his amazing life, check out his Wikipedia page: .  If you’re interested in viewing his amazing and iconic photographs—which include images of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean— go to his official website. ]


One thought on “Tellin’ It Like It Is

  1. No body, of course, you’re just “a head” of your fame.


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