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The House Next Door

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Image (1)The house next door where Larry used to live

Has changed hands once again

A single-man’s house

With room enough for family

With a master suite

And den

With cathedral ceiling

Large yard for children

With linen cupboards on one wall of the hall

In the laundry room, a utility sink

For rinsing rags, boot soles, muddy balls, and dog

The house next door where Larry roamed


was then home to a Korean man and a Chinese wife

and two girls

who spoke neither

She changed the drapes

Installed wood floor

Put out ice plants

on their front steps and entrance hall.

We learned their names

Extent friendship

One morning came

Box on her hip

A For Sale sign

was only tip

The house next door has changed people

once more. We were worried

what could be wrong? No one stayed put

Did Larry know

something we didn’t?

over decades, Larry

a single man,

no girlfriends, no late parties

His vices: cars

and Cleaning Maids

The house next door with new black fence

Block steps that danced

Uphill full of songbirds

didn’t take long to switch


Where is Larry?


Author: Hong-My Basrai

Memoirist and author of Behind the Red Curtain, blogger, engineer, manager, mother of three and wife of one, etc. I am a bit of everything.


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