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A shadow’s length
of grief stops by;
I welcome it
with suspicious eye.

It lingers not
though has great sway
Its purpose–
needs crying away.

It’s not a friend,
yet bears no malice;
it opens wounds
but is not callous.

I know it arrives
to unburden my heart,
its treatment takes time,
is sometimes harsh.

It flushes out pain,
then leaves in a breath;
my life is cleared
to take the next step.



Author: Claire Koehler

I am an English Composition Lecturer at both Rio Hondo Community College and Whittier College. I have been a member of the Writers' Club of Whittier since Spring of 2008. My poems have been published in Rio Hondo's literary publication, River's Voice, as well as in The San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly.

4 thoughts on “Grief

  1. Love your poetry Claire. You have a sensitive spirit, a poet’s heart. Love, Kay Murdy

  2. Dear Claire, what a pleasant surprise to find your poem here. And that is not all. As I scrolled down I found another blog post from you. It’s a privilege to read you, Claire! More, please! I still remember the poem about wine you read last year at my house. And Marilyn was there.

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