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Dad Learns to Drive


In 1941 my dad bought an old car and taught himself to drive. He was twenty-eight and fresh off the farm. The car had a motor and a front seat where he and mother sat. The back seat was gone as well as the floor. Dad placed a long board where the floor should have been and that’s where my brother and I stood while holding onto the front seat. I was four-years-old and Virgil was two. Our angels must have been watching over us because we could see the road passing by below us.

Dad and I are made out of the same cloth. At sixteen I taught myself to drive our stick-shift–back and forth in our driveway until I mastered the technique.


Author: Naomi Voorhees

I write fiction and non-fiction with the purpose to encourage, inspire, and motivate my readers. Welcome to my blog.

2 thoughts on “Dad Learns to Drive

  1. Good grief! It’s a wonder you survived! I recall how upset I was when I discovered that my babysitter had turned my daughter’s carseat so that it faced forward, because we all know that facing forward is dangerous and illegal. Times have changed, haven’t they?

  2. This excerpt reminded me of a time I spent riding on the back of a tractor. Of course, it was a much slower vehicle, and therefore, probably safer, but the risks we took back a couple of generations ago were, in my mind, exhilarating!


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